Spindle Speeders

The “MO” spindle speeders series have been designed and developed to offer a product that ensures maximum reliability and precision in milling and drilling operations. From the design to the static and dynamic testing of the finished product, our spindle speeders series utilize the most advanced technical and technological know-how.

• Max. continuous rpm 19,200 (higher ratings on request)
• Used particularly in finishing operations
• Possibility of manual or automatic mounting
• Allow the machine to rotate at low rpm
• Possibility of using hard metal tools

The compact construction, the heat-treated steel part and the ground gears on the involute guarantee the transmission of high power ratings with amazingly low noise levels. The spindle is supported by a set of two and three preloaded precision ball bearings with oblique contact that ensure stiffness and rotation precision within 0.01 mm.

• Cone solidly connected with the spindle seat
• Two or three planetary gears for high transmission power ratings
• Special tool attachment, on request (Komet, DIN 1835, etc.)
• Liquid coolant fed through tool center, on request
• Special machine attachment, on request (HSK, Morse Cone, Din 69880, etc.)
• Interchangeable anti-rotational pin which therefore can be customized by the buyer

The spindle speeders series can be mounted on additional machines and on machines with an automatic tool changer. In the latter case an anti-rotation unit will be supplied that can turn 360°. The spindle speeders series is lubricated with a long-life synthetic grease that is practically maintenance free. The testing certificate attached to each spindle speeders series guarantees the quality of the product. Our products have always been recognized by their strength, versatility and easy use and maintenance and the spindle speeders series are traditional proof of such outstanding features.

Each spindle speeder has its own test certificate which includes the technical characteristics, the serial number, the results of the tests made on our BP01 testing table, and the concentricity value between the shank and the collet. (max. value 0.01mm / 0.0004″) To verify the concentricity value it is necessary to have the spindle speeder stopping the pin and rotating the shank. The value on the metric comparator is the concentricity between the axis of the shank and the axis of the spindle.