Angle Heads

Techleader/MPA angle heads have been manufactured to solve drilling, tapping and milling problems. The angle heads reach where horizontal or vertical machine tools do not and permit a reduction in the cost and time of machining.

Techleader/MPA angle heads can be used on conventional machines, on machining centers with automatic tool change, or turning centers with motorized turrets. These heads are designed for high rigidity and precision. We achieve this by using Gleason precision spiral-bevel gears and high precision bearings. The standard anti-rotating system can be easily positioned. Where more rigidity in the application is required, we suggest using our Triblock system. Also our units can have the option to have coolant through the spindle via the anti rotating system and a distributor cap on the rear of the output spindle. Upon request, the angle heads can be customized and supplied with:

• machine connection (CT, BT, HSK, NMTB, DIN 69880, etc)
• internal coolant through the tool
• special tool connection (ABS, DIN, 1835, etc.

These angle heads have been studied and defined by computerized systems to add to the knowledge of 40 years of experience in the sector. This has allowed us to make innovative selections in the materials, in the thermal treatments and in the precision machining in order to maintain high precision, rigidity, hardness and top quality.

What about the applications where it is impossible to use standard modules? Our team will gladly study your case and offer special solutions.


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